Briquetting Plant

Briquetting is the latest technology for transforming the raw biomass materials into a compressed block that can be used as fuel. These briquettes are prepared in special briquetting plants that perform all the processes to make perfectly shaped briquette. The biomass that is required for preparing the briquette is obtained from the agricultural residues obtained from the farms during harvesting the crop. The main benefit of briquetting plant is that they compress the residue and increases the density of the block. 

The briquetting plant that we offer is available in different dimension as per the shape and size of briquette that is needed. There are various parts in the briquetting plant that constitute the whole briquette making process like crusher, compressor and dryer. Each of the components is necessary to from high quality briquette. The shape is decided on the place where the briquette is utilized.

The briquetting plant is used in various industries where the production of biowaste is in more quantity and can be utilized to generate heat, energy or electricity.